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Avatar 750 Wat

in stock

Material ABS Vergin body
Brand Maredia Appliances
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 1 year’s


  • The Avatar mixer grinder is equipped with a powerful 750 Watt motor, which makes it suitable for handling tough grinding tasks with ease.
  • Avatar mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel jars, which are corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • These jars include a 1.5-liter liquidizing jar, a 0.75-liter grinding jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney jar.
  • The mixer grinder features multi-functional blades that can be used for various tasks such as blending, grinding, and mixing.
  • You can grind any kind of vegetable or fruit but it’s a special design and manufacture for ingredients grinding.
  • Avatar mixer grinder has three-speed control options, which allow you to adjust the speed according to the task at hand.
  • The design of the Avatar mixer grinder is very classy and available in different colors.
  • Maredia Appliances provide one of the best Avatar 750 watts mixer grinders at a very reasonable price.